Jasmine & Honeysuckle


I’m dedicating this candle to my Mum and Dad and to all of those loved ones we’ve lost.  Lighting a candle is a ritual and a sacred act so light Remember when you want to sit peacefully and reflect on the memories of a loved one. 


This is a gentle floral aroma of freshly picked jasmine flowers combined with the sweetness of honeysuckle.  Underpinning it are hints of spearmint and orchard fruits coupled with rose, jasmine, oriental notes, cinnamon, clove, sweet vanilla and musk.


  • 30cl eco-soy candle 
    Poured into a gloss black glass jar 
    Burn time: Approx 35 hours*
    Optional high quality black matt box adds £2.50

    *Top tip – always trim your candle wick before re-lighting to avoid the wick mushrooming and smoking.